Stay On Track for Outreach this Year

What does it look like for your church to engage with community outreach opportunities around the year? Check out this year-round chart for what you can expect!

Seasonal Church Engagement

Products on Hand

SERVE6.8 is frequently blessed with amazing, sometimes unique resources, our purpose is to connect what we have to the outreach efforts you are making (or dream of making).


Did you hear?!? We are moving and we have a beautiful (a little old) deep freeze we would love to gift to your church! Full transparency the latch can be a little finicky but it still works great!


the 3 amigas

Summer is a great time for the SERVE6.8 team to come visit your congregation! We love when our churches preach on their culture to serve and we can come alongside to help bring some next steps planning to that message!



We still have our Wacky Coke products! Please think of us for your next event! Let me tell you how much the youth kids LOVE them!


Need Help- Planning, Resourcing, Dreaming?

Our goal is to help SERVE6.8 Partner Churches have no limit in connecting with families in their communities. Click below to set up a meeting with Krista Ackerman, Church Mobilizer, to think through your next outreach!

Share your Outreach Story with Us!

We love to spotlight how you all are engaging your neighbors and getting creative with fun outreach projects! We would love to share to our partnerships the great ways people can me with the Kingdom.


"Holy cow! We're literally crying!! This is amazing! With our budget- you guys just blessed us like no other!"

(SERVE6.8 provided prizes and games for Dia del Nino event in Greeley)


Todd Beilman
Vineyard Greeley

J and A have become a very special part of our church family. Since meeting J at a Pop Up Resource Center in the fall of 2021, A has become a Christian, joined our worship band, and was baptized just a few weeks ago. It has been such a privilege to walk with this family. Though they have had to deal with many, many challenges since we've met them, they are the first to sign up to volunteer with our outreach events and are very creative in finding ways to give back.


Lisa Kinnison
Life Spring Covenant

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